Are you ready to make a difference? Choose to help fight deforestation by using a product that breaks away from using Earth’s precious finite resources. Choose to use a product that is part of the solution.


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Businesses Go Green

Why choose Tree Free?

There are many reasons why you should make a conscious decision to choose treeless. The most urgent being the deforestation of our natural resources. Every day we lose rare tree species and habitats for wildlife. We need to consider where the material that makes our paper comes from. And, more importantly, we need to make sure the source is easily replenishable!

Why we Chose Tree Free and why you should too!

We believe that people want to make a difference. The best way to do that is to think about the environment and how we can protect it for generations to come.

True Green provides an environmentally sustainable plan through our Green2 products. We have made a personal as well as a business commitment that to try and use products made from renewable resources whenever possible. We make this commitment because we want future generations to share in a greener tomorrow.

Businesses Go GreenIf these products aren’t made from trees, then how are they made?

Green2 products are made from two renewable and sustainable resources. These two resources are sugar cane and bamboo grass. Sugar cane is the largest agricultural crop in the world. As it is developed for what we call sugar, it also produces a byproduct called bagasse. When sugar cane is crushed, the bagasse is extracted and can be used for bio energy or as a pulp for paper. Sugar cane can grow back to its original height in as little as 12 months.

Bamboo grass is another renewable resource that can be harvested for the production of treeless paper. Bamboo grass can grow up to three inches in one day. It can regenerate to its full growth in as little as six months.

Businesses Go GreenAn Easy Decision

When we choose tree Free we choose to give back to the environment that has helped us grow. While it’s easy to take nature for granted, the earth’s resources require care and good stewardship. Choosing Tree Free is easy with Green2 paper products. No trees were harmed while making these products.

The best sources for treeless paper come from nature and grow very quickly. The sun and rain produce grasses much more quickly in nature than a tree, for example. Thus, sustainability can more easily be achieved by selecting the faster growing agriculture readily made available by nature. In the grasses family are excellent raw materials to make paper: Reeds, Bamboo, Rice and Sugar Cane for example. The U.S. is just realizing the good news about tree free paper – it has been produced and is available to purchase.

Each year the sales of tree free paper are increasing and each year more tree free products become available. Currently, all home and office paper products you could imagine are available, including, paper towels, facial tissue, bathroom tissue, dry and wet wipes, office paper, copy paper, sticky pads and much, much more – all tree free!