In today’s earth-conscious world, more and more consumers are choosing to purchase products that are environmentally friendly. By using our patented sugar cane and bamboo grass combination, we created 100% sustainable products that are soft, strong, compostable, and degradable… No forests necessary!

America’s Leading Private Label Paper Manufacturer Of
Tree-Free Paper Products!

We manufacture a full line of customized private label tree-free paper products to add an eco-friendly line of paper products to your brand.

Tree-Free Bamboo Straws from True Green Paper Products

Tree-Free Paper Products!

Patent Pending Tree Free Paper Straws and
Patent Pending Recyclable/Compostable Tree Free Paper Cups
available for Private Label

We manufacture a full line of customized private label tree-free paper products to add an eco-friendly line of paper products to your brand,

private label tree free paper company

Our Private Label Paper Manufacturers Full Line of Tree-Free Paper Products Include:

  • Retail
  • Away-From-Home, Janitorial & Commercial
  • Stationery & Office Supply
  • Patent Pending Recyclable/Compostable/Marine Degradable Bamboo Paper Cups and Straws

Businesses Go Green

We specialize in manufacturing 100% tree-free paper products that are unique to our customer’s brands. With competitive pricing and a full range of products, our paper products can stand up to the national brands on all levels. No matter what product you want to add to your brand, we can offer it. Our premium line of paper products includes:

Bath tissue that is soft, absorbent, and septic safe. Whitened with hydrogen peroxide, a safe alternative to bleach, this tissue is environmentally friendly. Facial tissues that are so soft, it’s hard to imagine that they aren’t a name brand.

Private label paper is the number one selling non-food product with industry sales of store brands selling over $15 billion in 2013.

Paper towels that are extremely absorbent and pure. They are disposable and degradable and made from 100% recycled sustainable ingredients.
Napkins that offer quality suitable for daily use. These are a great addition to any private label brand of tree-free paper products.

Our products meet, and often exceed strict quality standards, and are adjusted according to customer feedback. We consider all brands and customer requests and ensure high-quality products. Quality is a standard in our private label paper manufacturers’ process. We are dedicated to providing your brand with the best paper product there is.

Our private label paper manufacturer’s local distribution has sufficient warehouse space waiting to provide inventory for you. Our market research can help you discover what consumers are thinking, buying, and planning in reference to sustainable items. We have our finger on the pulse of the latest consumer trends and are determined to bring them to you to drive your private label brand to the top.

  1. Bath Tissue
  2. Facial Tissue
  3. Paper Towels
  4. Napkins
  5. Paper Straws
  6. Recyclable/Compostable Paper Cups

Not sure where to get started with your tree-free paper brand? Our in-house packaging and design team is ready to help you launch your new eco-friendly green paper products line. Private label products are a huge sector of the industry and cannot be ignored. Especially important to consumers’ impulse buying and socially conscious purchasing decisions are sustainable and recyclable paper products that promote Farmland Preservation by using agricultural waste.

Businesses Go Green

Maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction, delivering quality products, and being earth conscious are our top priorities. We’ve earned confidence and respect from grocers and fine retailers across the United States, and have satisfied many other customers with our products. We want to cultivate a longstanding relationship with you.

Find out more about how we can create a new line of 100% tree-free paper products for your brand and how you can expand your line of quality products. Call now! We look forward to creating a lasting partnership with you.

  • Our products are 100% tree-free and made from sugar cane and bamboo grass, two environmentally sustainable recycled resources that are degradable and compostable.
  • Our paper products are competitively priced.
  • Our bath tissue is oft and septic safe.
  • Our paper products are whitened with Hydrogen Peroxide, a safe and natural alternative to bleach.
  • 100% tree-free paper products are softer than recycled.
  • Sustainability plans are met or exceeded with tree-free paper

Private Label Paper Manufacturers Video

Private Label Tree Free Paper Company

There are many private label paper companies to choose from. However, there is only one private label paper company devoted to manufacturing a full line of tree-free paper products including tree-free private label toilet paper, private label paper towels, and many more private label paper products. To learn more about paper manufacturing contact the private label manufacturer association and they can supply a list of private label paper manufacturers.

Or, contact us at 844-Save-Trees to learn more about private label tree-free paper products for your specific needs. Use the form to the right after hours.