Georgia Tech Tree Free Paper Sustainability Plan

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Georgia Tech Tree Free Paper Sustainability Plan

Georgia Tech Tree Free Paper Sustainability Plan has become a key focus for renewable resources.

Georgia Tech has received national recognition for its sustainability leadership from the National Wildlife Federation, Sierra Club, Sustainable Endowment Institute, and others, including the Princeton Review Green Honor Roll for 4 consecutive years.

Sustainability at Georgia Tech

At Georgia Tech, they believe that achieving true sustainability means embracing a transformative process where everyone is responsible for making choices that promote the health, human security, and well-being of todays and tomorrows society. That translates into a comprehensive and integrated approach throughout their campus where all members of the Tech community play a role in seizing every sustainability opportunity.

By taking a holistic approach to achieving sustainable results, we can all benefit from the collective positive impact these efforts have on our environment, our community, and Georgia Techs financial bottom line.

Their Commitment

In order to best achieve their sustainable goals, they must carefully integrate their planning processes and prioritize how they use our limited resources: natural, human, and financial. Through Georgia Techs master planning for the campus, landscape, and stormwater, they are working to:

Enhance the living, working, and learning environment.

Utilize the campus as a living/learning laboratory for students and faculty.

Increase campus tree canopy coverage.

Increase water capture and reuse.

Reduce water volume consumption.

Reduce stormwater runoff by 50 percent.

Reduce energy use to 50 percent below 2007 levels by 2040.

Expand renewable energy use to 10 percent of energy consumed on campus by 2040.

Become carbon neutral by 2050.


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Georgia Tech Tree Free Paper Sustainability Plan

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