We believe in the power of ingenuity; the ingenuity to use alternative sustainable resources to make Green2 100% Treeless Paper Products.

Green2 100% Treeless paper products have been available to consumers for several years. Truegreen offers a wide range of products including treeless copy paper, treeless paper towels, facial and bath tissue, napkins, plates and bowls.

We are constantly looking at ways to improve our Green2 100% Treeless Paper Products. We care about our customers opinions. Please take a moment and tell us what you think…we’re listening.

Tree Free Paper Reviews

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This product is amazing.

I’ve gotten a few other people to try it.

Everyone seems to agree that it’s way-y softer than *everything* else we’ve tried. And the strangest thing-the roll also seems to last longer. Maybe because it takes so much less to accomplish the necessary tasks. Mind you, it’s not exactly my style to actually care about TP. It’s that good! Being *Green* is the reason I tried the product-(well, that and the price is good) but the quality will keep this customer coming back. I just wish more stores carried your product. Right now only Shop-Rite in my area carries it.

I would not like to see the price go up, but I’d sure like to see you folks take on the “big names” (like advertising). Once people discover the difference, well, that should prove itself easily!

Great Product!

They knew she had a solution for Disney and did their best to present their product as a solution and an alternative that would help Disney with its sustainability goals. We did blind tests with our cast members: Green2 products and the existing Disney products. The cast members selected Green2 products and then they were told that it was a sustainable product.That’s what made the difference: It met the criteria and was sustainable.” Matt Thursman – Disney

Met the criteria and was sustainable.

Can I tell you how much I LOVE this concept!

I purchased the paper towels and they work great. I especially like that the product is biodegradable. Just great! I hope you will continue to expand your product line.

My teens tell me what they want…

With a couple of teens and college students in the home they have opened my eyes more than anyone else as to how everyone needs to participate in making our environment a safer place. With that thought in mind, one day I noticed how many paper towels we went through daily that filled our trash can. The same day I was at a friend’s house and noticed she was using Green2 100% Tree Free Paper Towels and it all clicked. Being more earth conscious now, using a product that is dye and chemical free whiles saving the trees made a lot of sense. I was all in. On top on that, the product is absorbent, strong and soft. Everyone, try this product!

We can change the world with Tree Free

I was so excited to get my hands on these Green2 tissues! I’m very earth conscious and have really bad reactions to all sorts of things. This is dye and chemical free, and they don’t use any trees! It’s made from grass, so wonderful! :) They are still very soft, and just as effective. They even strong, yet soft enough for me to use to remove my makeup! I’ve already given a few boxes away to my mom, and siblings because they love that’s it’s eco-friendly too! Helping change the world, one tissue at a time!

My colds’ best friend,

I read the other reviews, and I don’t agree with the complaints. I find these soft and absorptive. I have not used them yet in the middle of a full-blown cold, when I sometimes ignore ecology and economy to buy the super-soft tissues with aloe for my red, excoriated nose. However, for my every day use, these are plenty soft. I’m a delicate sort with lots of allergies, so I consider myself a good test subject for tissues. I’m glad I stocked up with the 30-box case.

Tree Free Paper Reviews

It’s softer than you think!

I really hope these are green. That is why I love them. They are pretty soft. It’s hard to get one out of the box at the beginning and it seems like we take a whole bunch out of the box to get it started. You could say they aren’t just quite as skillfully packaged as a Kleenex box. Still, once you get started, the box is great, they are soft enough, and you can’t beat green!