You’re at the dinner table and grab a napkin without thinking about it. You feel the paper napkin against your lips and touch it between your fingers. It’s soft and pure white as normal. However, there seems to be a subtle difference in the material. You just can’t seem to place it. That’s because the napkin in your hand wasn’t made from trees but from a Tree Free substance.

Tree free paper napkins are a novel addition to True Green’s Tree Free paper products. Along with our tree free envelopes and bathroom tissue, these Tree Free napkins are an excellent addition to your household. And if your business is applying for green credits, you should consider adding Tree Free paper napkins to your kitchens and cafeterias.





Businesses Go Green with tree free paper napkinsHelp Make the Planet a Greener Place with Napkins not made by Trees

The tree free paper napkins we make are produced from a natural by-product. This by-product is called bagasse. It’s found from the natural processing of sugar cane. Bagasse is a pithy substance that is strained from the sugar cane to harvest its pure sugar. The bagasse is separated and used for many industrial products. One of those products is Tree Free paper napkins.

Your commitment to natures health shows by the products you have in your home. By using Tree Free paper napkins you are showing your love for nature. Tree free paper napkins are possible because of the alternative resources of bagasse and bamboo grass. These environmentally sustainable resources are easily harvested and turn into paper. They are the same soft and durable quality as paper made from pulp without the harmful side effects. You can help prevent water and environment pollution by bringing Tree Free paper napkins to your table.

While your white paper napkin made from trees looks pure, it’s not. Paper manufacturing from trees is fairly simple, yet causes a lot of waste. This waste normally ends up in the local rivers of paper cities. While there have been many advances in traditional paper making, the process still relies on the deforestation of forests. These forests are vital to our nature because they provide the oxygen essential for our existence. Without trees there would be no method cleansing the carbon dioxide in the air. Thus, paper napkins made form sugar cane provide a sustainable solution. They help reduce deforestation and water pollution. They also help sustain wildlife, plant life, and fish. We can enjoy cleaner air and renewable resources when we choose to use Tree Free paper napkins at the dinner table.

Businesses Go Green with eco-friendly paper napkinsMaking Tree Free Paper Napkins a Part of Your Daily Dining

Tree free paper napkins are a natural part of daily dining. They are easy to use for quick spills. They softly wipe your face from salad dressing. They’re also durable and child friendly. Whenever you need a hand with greasy spills or coffee run-over think of how you can help the environment with Tree Free paper. To make the world a better place, add tree free paper napkins to your household list. We help you and the planet be greener.